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How old is African religion?

How old is African religion?

As I’ve studied, I’ve traced African religion around the globe. One thing that I’ve noticed is that the religions stay mostly in their original form throughout the globe. You find religious artifacts of the Twa tribe of the Congo all over the planet.
Now some people try to deflect this, and say that humans crossed paths at one point and time, but its much much more deeper than that. If that is the case, then how do you also explain, the same building structures, religious artifacts, hunting techniques etc? I mean there are tribes from the Congo Asia, to America, that are a spitting image of each other. So how could this be?

Ok first lets start with the origins of religion and take you back as far as my research will take me. We have to begin with different hominids outside of humans and homo erectus. You say why? Because it was found that Hominid group Homo Naledi, were found to bury their dead in caves in South Africa. They had chambers,in which they used fire to light the way, and walk through, much similar to Egyptian Pyramids . Now these were black African people. Did they view mountains in the same light as humans viewed them? These hominids lived along side humans in Africa, and homo erectus. They are dated going back from 300,000bc to 200,000bc. Just to note Africans view mountains as holy places, that their creator dwells, during time of stay on planet Earth. So the question is, is religion as old as human imagination or is it older than human imagination? Could homo erectus imagine a creator and spirits like humans? I don’t know, but if so then religion is even older than humans.
I think burying the dead alone has some type of religious placement. Its not necessarily a religion that you worship, but it shows that early hominids had the ability to symbolize burials. I don’t know any other groups of mammals on the planet that bury their dead. So I am going to say based off of that, that Hominids had a sense of symbolism that is associated with religion. They might even have had a sense of the afterlife and ancestor’s, or they wouldn’t have buried their dead in the first place. So they had a sense of praising life and what the deceased brought to the planet. If they had a sense of appreciation of ones life, then they would’ve had an appreciation for their own creation. These are the simple elements that create religion. It will be interesting to find out more as I go along with research.
Ok so lets make our way down the timeline. Lets start off with the San tribe being found with religious cave drawings of a Python. That’s the first evidence of human religion. This dates back to 75,000bc. The San are from the A2 DNA group. Now the next group of people to come along are the Twa groups. You have the early BT group, that created the B, D, and CT group. The CT MDNA group is very important because it is the group that almost 95% of humans come from. Around 75,000 years ago most humans on earth were the CT DNA group. Then they started to migrate out of Africa. What you find is that while they were the same DNA group, they developed the religious practices found with Egyptians, Ethiopians, Yoruba etc. What I have found is proof in this while studying African migrations around the world. What I have discovered is that the groups of people that migrated out, still carry either the same for of religion developed in central Africa. Or they carry one of the early religions like a Animism type religion. What I constently find is the same exact religious figures being used in almost every single tribe. The one that is found globally is the Twa God Bes. Even though he is found in abundance in the Congo. I think that I make a good case by saying he is just as much loved in places like Singapore and the Fiji Islands. You find so many statues and figurines of Bes in Singapore that it is mind blowing. You find in areas like the Fiji Islands and New Zealand, the warriors even mimic Bes, by painting their faces like him and sticking their toungues out. It is a site to see. The funny thing about this, is that they have no clue that, this is African religion. I mean even in the Philippines, their traditional religion is a form of the Yoruba and Egyptian religion.  You find these same Bes figures with Hawaians, Myans, Inca, etc.
Just remember that all of these groups of people mentioned left Africa as the CT DNA group 75,000years ago. Then they developed in to different DNA groupings as they crossed the mountain ranges of Tibet, in which the change from 1000ft elevation to 28,000ft of elevation caused multiple mutations, and created multiple ethnic groups.
So how old is religion? I don’t know for sure, but modern religion is at least 75,000 years old. As we can see this is the time when the same genetic groups started to migrate from each other.

Heres a sample o0f the Philippines religion

Animism was the original religion of the people of the Philippines. This is the early type of religion that is found in Africa, and paved way for Pagan religion. You find this form of religion with the early San tribe, as they worshipped Pythons. The indigenous belif is centered around the belief that the world is inhabited by spirits and supernatural entities, both good and bad In the early Philippines, they called these spirits "diwatas", showing cultural relationship with Hinduism Devatas.

One thing that I noticed was the use of the deity called “Bathala” this deity is much similar to a deity used in Africa by the Yoruba called “Obatala” with much of the same function. It is said that the origin of the name is Sanskrit, and that the Tagalog speakers might have called the deity Maykapál ("Creator") or Bathalang Maykapál. Note that the creators of Sanskrit are originally from Ethiopia, and the Yoruba and all the people of Asia were all apart of the same genetic groupings prior to 75,000 years ago. So did this deity exist then and survive the journey? Its hard to say, but Congo Twa deities like Bes has most definitely survived the journey. You see all over the Philippines a deity called “Bulul” which is a rice deity. This deity looks like a spitting image of Bes, and you can see where this deity gets its original form, much like Buddah . Also note that Bathala has a daughter named “Mayari” which has a similar role as Sekmet or Hathor as her later self.


  1. I was unaware from that great history of African religion.Thanks for bringing that to my knowledge, because of these points,I found your articles informative.

  2. I mean there was no separation - no distinction between the two. To these two entities, religion and God were one in the same.what is Second Chakra