Sunday, May 21, 2017

Indians have African DNA

Check this interesting information out. Theres this Indian tribe called Waccamaw They are associated ancestrally with tribes like the Cherokee,Tuscarora, Nottoway, Saponi, Lumbee, Cheraw, Peedee, Santee etc. What stood out to me about them, is that they have a DNA project going on where they have detected Early African DNA in their blood E3b. This isnt normal East or West African E DNA, but its the DNA that created the popular West and East African DNA. So what I am trying to say is that the early Indians mutated from out grandparent DNA called BT. B DNA is found in Pygmy groups, like the Twa. So that B DNA had to have traveled over to America with the Indians and develope into E. Or the E group already developed and traveled over with the Indians. This supports my theory, and you can find the full study at the link below.…/abraham-freeman-y-dna-marker/