Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Valcanic eruptions and West African migration

Valcanic eruptions and West African migration
Ok I stated before that the Twa were among the first humans and birthed West Africans.
One thing that I wanted to look at is migration of the Noks. I stated before that
W.E.B Dubois stated that African tribes outside of Nubia use to enter Nubia. Outside of Nubia are the Twa 
Mbuti tribes, the Efe, Asoa, and kango. The Efe are known to make mends with other tribes, and make partnership
deals. I have to do more research because I think at one ancient time, there was a small
group of Twa situated in Nubia, and Ethiopia. I brought this up because if the Twa birthed West Africans, in which there
DNA is found in the Twa. Its a high percentage chance that The Noks came from this area, in knowing the relationships tht the Efe have in the area.
Ok so that brings us to the volcanic mountain found in the exact same area. The name of the Marrah Mountains.
The last time it erupted was in 1500bc, note that times in ancient times are all approximations. If you know anything
about the first Migrational tribe to West Africa, then you know they were The Nok Culture, approximately around
1000bc. So could this have been a reasoning for West African migration in The Noks? hopefully we will one day fully know.
One other area I wanted to explore in this same time period, is the invasion of the Hyksos in Egypt.
I know that during this approximate time period around 1500bc, Pharaohs fled, and found refuge in Ethiopia.
My question is what exact army did The Egyptians gather to defeat The Hyksos? Along with the Egyptian army, did they gather
surrounding African tribes? Could this be how oral tradition would land tribes like Serer, Dogon, & Akan in Egypt? We
know that Egypt took in some tribes during famine. The other thing is to search Nubian Pharaoh records to see if they wrote
about any surrounding tribes. We have already found some possible Mandinka language connections to Ethiopia, meaning that possibly a small migration settled there, and I've stated before that the Aari tribe of Ethiopia look just like them and they migrated from Nubia, but DNA and further research is needed. Theres also a possible
connections of the Igbos to the Ethiopian region as well.

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  1. I have read about this west African migrants before in best essay writing too but now I got a clear idea about all these migration of Nok culture in late 1000bc was due to the volcanic eruption.