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Twa first civilization builders

Twa first civilization builders,
West African Nok Tribute system
According to The Twa Pygmies, they started building cities and civilization, but it became too much for them so they went back to the hunter gather jungle life. I wish we could know what happened to the first ever cities, and what type of structures they were. W.E.B. Dubois said that there were wild African tribes outside of Nubia that use to enter the city. We know that the Mbuti Twa are right outside of Nubia. I could only find a map for 3000 years after West African migration showing tribes outside of Nubia. The Noks were the first to migrate and they had the same iron smelting techniques as the Nubians. Could the Noks and other tribes outside of Nubia just be the normal size members of the tribe that branch off and create their own tribes? The Twa mention this in their religion stating that the tall members start their own tribes. Tribes like The Tutu are short statured, and mix with The Twa. Could this be another fairly new descendant of the Twa?
Now lets take another look at the first West African migrants around 1000bc. We know that there were already small populations in the area. I think The Mandinka, Twa, and Berbers occupied that area because they are known travelers. The Berbers were verified already in northern Africa, and in the Islands outside of Africa called The Canary Islands.
Like many other tribes around Africa, The Noks had a tribute system. A tribute system is built into religion and it is law. This is what kept Africa peaceful. It is sometimes confused with slavery and indentured servitude, but it is much more than just the two. With a tribute system if there were problems in agriculture for that year a tribute would be made to the creator, in forms of cattle or valuable goods. This also was used as a peace agreement among tribes. Notably the Asante, Dahomey, and Oya were practicing it when colonizers came. This made it easy for colonizers to collect slaves, and they took full advantage of the system.
You can read about the Noks judicial system below, were the tribute system was incorporated.
"It is a known fact that the Nok’s judicial system pre-dates the western judicial system. The Nok people created classes of courts used for adjudicating cases from minor civil cases, such as family disputes and false allegations, to criminal cases such as stealing, murder and adultery. The people believed that every crime attracts a curse which was capable of destroying whole family and therefore must be uncovered to avoid the consequences.
The suspect was brought before an open court for traditional oath taking, which involved standing between two monoliths facing the sun, the most supreme god called Nom. The suspect then swore to tell the truth. Cases that cannot be resolved in the open court are taken to the high court which sits within an enclosed shrine.
The court was presided over by the Chief Priest and various clan heads. Anyone found guilty was fined goats and chicken for sacrifice to the gods and local wine for the chief priest. The town would then declare a day of celebration on which the people would thank the gods for their graces in successfully resolving the issue and averting doom for the people".

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