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Origins of West Africans Pt1

Origins of West Africans Pt1

E1b1a trackings in Twa, and other tribes that might have birthed West Africans

Ok I'm going to be doing a series of post over time, and I'll update the new information as I come across it. This will
be part one.

I wanted to trace the E1b1a DNA haplo group in the Twa and other tribes around the areas that the Twa live. I got the idea
because E1b1 is the father DNA haplo group. E1b1a is said to be the first offspring from the parent grouping. You can find that
grouping in West Africans. E1b1b is the sibling to E1b1a and it can be found in the East African highland areas. The E1b1b DNA Haplo group comes from
High elevation, weather, and lower sun intensity levels. E1b1b is found in Ethiopians and also The Ancient Egyptians, because that is their place of origin.
Ok the first thing to examine, that stood out to me was the mixing of The Twa and The Hutu tribe. They are known to mix, and when they mix
The Hutu become just slightly larger than the Twa, but near the same height range. I thought that was interesting, because most tribes are said to not want to
mix with The Twa for that reason. Then when I did the research on the DNa I found something interesting. The Hutu have 83% E1b1a in them. Now I
found this interesting because when I first heard about The Twa and Hutu mixing, it stood out to me. I thought how did they become so cool with each other to
mix? They must be at the least recent relatives. The Hutu could be, the large Twa that hit their growth spurt.
They could have just branched off and started their own tribe. More research is needed for that, and like I said, this will be ongoing.
The Eastern Twa Mbuti have 34% E1b1a in them. Now I dont know if thats from mixing or from mutation, but it possibly could be from mutation, and its a homegrown part
of their DNA. The western Twa have 28.3% E1b1a in them. Now the Nande tribes of The Congo have 100%. The Nande of Congo have a patron–vassal relationship with the EfĂ© Pygmies.
I might be able to get samples of the original language from the Nande. The Nande of Congo and the Konjo people of Uganda are a single ethnic group, which they call Yira (Bayira).
They trace their origins to the Ruwenzori Mountains. Note, as I stated before, I dont have samples of the Twas language, but I do have samples of their religions, and their original
religion has everything in their original names, that come from their original language.

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  1. A bit difficult to understand but yeah its informative. I appreciate the research work you have done on origins of West Africans. Its quiet interesting. I will probably buy the book to increase my knowledge.