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Origins of West Africa Pt2

The West African E1 grouping started developing in Twa territory approximately 60,000 years ago. Between what once was an area of 2 large great lakes of Lake Congo, and Lake Chad. After the Earths axis shifted the monsoon rain clouds in the area shifted further down south drying the area up. So not only did they have lush jungle, but they had 2 great lakes, and used boats to cross the small river to enter different areas of the Twa Territory.
After E1b1 developed the common West African grouping e1b1a developed around 30,000 years ago. So that means, West Africans were around during the last Ice Age, the development
of the first calendar, the Earths Axis shift, and the first farming. WEB Duboise stated that African tribes outside of Nubia use to enter. Outside of Nubia is the congo/central african republic area or Mbuti Twa area. The oldest residence to the area are the Mbuti Twa.
They are only 4ft tall but can have full sized adults. Scientist say that all early humans started off as Pygmies, then developed into what we are now. The people of the congo have 100% west african e1b1a dna. So ancient tribes like the Mandinka Noks, and Bantu tribes wouldve have developed over time in that area. It is said that the larger tribes started exspanding,  that
forced the Mbuti to move furthur into the jungle. So the fight for space couldve caused migration.the Nande tribes of The Congo have 100%. The Nande of Congo have a patron–vassal relationship with the Efé Pygmies.They are apart of the Mbuti. In the Central republic of Africa they found evidence of an advance civilization that may date back to 3500bc called "The Bouar Megaliths". Now could this
be the civilization The Twa were talking about when they said they attempted to build civilization, but it was too much of a head ache for them? other early dates place people from that area migrating to the Sahara area before it was a desert. See the same rainfall clouds that create the jungles of central
and west africa created the same type of environment in the Sahara. A shift in the earths axis caused the rain clouds to be located in a different location down further into the ocean. Not having that rainfall and increased heat on that area formed the desert. There are found communities and civilizations in areas under the desert. The ones that I know of were centered around lakes that were located under the desert. Note, West Africans time period on the planet starts in the mid Upper Paleolithic. This is where our research into our people
should be researched. We did not start before slavery, nor did we start at the beginning of popular other groups of peoples in Africas beginnings. We must uncover the truth.
Most of the time the information is sitting right in front of our eyes, but we are conditioned to not see the truth.Things to note and search is the Mousterian Pluvial around the 50,000bp mark
when our e1b1 parent was around,Fauresmithian culture 30,000bc, 30,000 BC, Stillbayan culture, and 10,000 BC, Lupembian culture. Also make note that those same rain clouds responsible for creating vegetation in the desert, also supplied the lakes with ample water in the area. The Mandinka are noted as being some of  the earliest explorers along with the Twa. Some of them migrated up to Greece, and were the first inhabitants of Greece. They say scattered populations of West Africans
Occupied West Africa around the the 10000bc range. I have always thought of those tribes to be The Twa or Mandinka. The Mandinka live along The Sahahl so the migration was just right outside their original territory. I stated before that a valcanic eruption in  Marrah Mountains, also occurred in that area approximately around the 1500bc area. The Noks were the first group of West Africans to migrate at approximately 1000bc, followed by the Ghana Empire then the Serer
Note that the Fulani, and Dogon carry E1a in them.So West Africans actually have a longer history of being outside of Nubia long before it was established. Lets also make note that The Egyptians DNA mutated from the same parent DNA as west Africans. So for the parent to developed that DNA, they had to migrate to the high elevation areas of Ethiopia where the Egyptian DNA grouping developed.So they looked like everyday West Africans before the migration, and the migration most likely was caused by raised water levels from the Ice Age ending.
So that whole thing of trying to label them  to everything but black is garbage. Their ancient DNA traces back to West African looking people.
Not only that but they were a melting pot of the spectrum of black.So you say but how is that when scientist say everything started in Ethiopia? Ethiopia seems to be the go to location to avoid natural disasters and changes that the planet went through. The mountains in
that area provide perfect shelter to get though tough situations. So with ice age changes and great floods etc etc people and different hominid groups would find shelter in that area, then later migrate out. The oldest tribes actually to the East Africa area are the Nilotes AKA, the Dinka, Neur, etc.
I want to do more research on them, because they are an extremely old group.  I'm going to layout some approximate dates on the groupings just to show samples of how old certain tribes are, I'll have a DNA chart attached, so if you know a tribes DNA grouping you can trace
back the ethnic grouping of that tribe. It wont necessarily mean that the tribe is that old, because the people come first then the tribe. Also note that the Mbuti Twa are the only Twa that speak the original language. We need to get a hold
of this language because that wouldve been our early language. I also will have a list of different locations around the world that need to be researched due to them coming forth on the planet at the same time
as our African grouping entered the planet from the Upper Paleolithic time period.

DNA age

a00 over 150,000
a2 over 125,000
bt over 125,000
b2.5 over 75,000 years old
dt over 75,000
de 75,000
d 60,000
e1.4 60,000
 j 40,000
r1b 25,000

Paleolithic time period sites to research

Central and east Europe:
32,000 BC, Gravettian culture in southern Ukraine.[32]
30,000 BC, Szeletian culture
20,000 BC, Pavlovian, Aurignacian cultures
11,000 BC, Ahrensburg culture (Western Germany, Netherlands, England)
10,000 BC, Epigravettian culture

North and west Africa, and Sahara:
30,000 BC, Aterian culture (Algeria, Libya)
10,000 BC, Ibero-Maurusian (a.k.a. Oranian, Ouchtatian), and Sebilian cultures
8000 BC, Capsian culture (Tunisia, Algeria)

Central, south, and east Africa:
50,000 BC, Fauresmithian culture
30,000 BC, Stillbayan culture
10,000 BC, Lupembian culture
9000 BC, Magosian culture (Zambia, Tanzania)
7000 BC, Wiltonian culture
3000 BC, beginning of hunter-gatherer art in southern Africa

West Asia (including Middle East):
50,000 BC, Jabroudian culture (Levant)
40,000 BC, Amoudian culture
30,000 BC, Emireh culture
20,000 BC, Aurignacian culture
10,000 BC, Kebarian, Athlitian cultures
South, central and northern Asia:
30,000 BC, Angara culture
9000 BC, Khandivili culture

East and southeast Asia:
80,000 BC, Ordosian culture (Inner Mongolia, China)
50,000 BC, Ngandong culture
30,000 BC, Sen-Doki culture
c. 14,000 BC, Jōmon period starts in Ancient Japan
10,000 BC, pre-Jōmon ceramic culture (Japan)
8000 BC, Hoabinhian culture (Northern Vietnam)
7000 BC, Jōmon culture (Japan)

40,000 BC, Whadjuk and Noongar culture (Perth, Australia)[33]
35,000 BC, Wurundjeri, Boonwurrung and Wathaurong culture (Melbourne, Australia)[34]
30,000 BC, Eora and Darug[35] culture (Sydney, Australia)[36]
30,000 BC, Arrernte culture (Alice Springs, Central Australia)[37]

Note: One more thing that I have to add, and it is just a theory. I have always thought that the Bantu like the Zulu look like Nubians because they were from the Nubia area, but after furthur research I think it is the other way around now. The Bantus were in the area maybe 10,000 years before the Nubians, and the Nubians would've actually been the ones to have come on the Bantus territory. So I guess the actual question needs to be where did Nubians come from? hmmm

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