Sunday, January 1, 2017

Who were the Hebrew Israelites

Ok heres my conclusion about The Hebrew Israelite's

The Hebrew were never mentioned anywhere. The only thing that was mentioned was the Israelites. Pharaoh mentioned in the Merneptah Stele that a group of Israelites entered Egypt who had leprosy, so the Pharaoh drove them out of Egypt, all the way up to Syria, and slaughtered them. Another text was by the Philistines who said they drove out a group of thieves, and destroyed them down to 10 people. After that Babylon destroyed them and enslaved them. Theres no other writing about the Hebrew, no Egyptian records of them living there, no records of slavery.

Remember Egypt didnt even pay their own citizens, they had no money system, they paid them in food, so what sense would it make to have slaves?....and Egypt had a gang of unemployed field workers from June-September, because the Nile flooded, leaving workers unemployed. During those times they would build the temple and Pyramids.

Then the first bible found was written in Greek, yes in Greek. So there is no original bible in Hebrew. The first copy was the Sinetic text and it was in fragments, so yes they dont have a complete bible or not even one Hebrew bible.

You also have the deadsea scrolls, but they are younger than the siactic text by 150 years. Then theres the Ethiopian theory. Some think Ethiopians migrated to Canaan and that they were the Israelites.

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