Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Mesopotamian, Dravidian, Egyptian, Ethiopian, Yemen and Indus Valley link

Mesopotamian, Dravidian, Egyptian, Ethiopian, Yemen and Indus Valley  link

When they conducted the first research on Indus Valley it was clear that it was not an Aryan race of invaders or Arabs that created the civilization. It was clear to researchers that it was the group of living people in that area called the Dravidians. Dravidians are migrants from Ethiopia and many of India today has Ethiopic roots in their culture and religion. Sir John Marshall, the researcher at the site was the one to make the discovery that the Indus Valley civilization was of Dravidian origin. The site where the research took place was Mohenjo-Daro. Fr Heras, Director of the Indian Historical Institute at Bombay was the first to work on deciphering the Mohenjo-Daro script, which was written in Hieroglyphs. After working on deciphering the language, researchers noticed that the language roots were in the Dravidian Tulu  Kannada language.  Researchers on site have expressed alarming similarities between the Dravidian Indus Valley civilization and that of Mesopotamia.Claud Schaeffer noted that they found similarities between pottery found in the Middle East and Indus Valley and that Mesopotamian Hieroglyphs, Gordon Childe also made the same claim. Researchers on the site say that Dravidian and Sumerian script are almost exactly the same. Researchers say they believe that The Dravidians made and Westward migration towards the East. Researchers believe that there were two separate migrations. One was West to east to India. The other was West to East from the Nile, or Egypt. There is mention of them being called the tribe Minas, which is very peculiar, because the first king of Egypt was called Scorpion, Menes, also spelled Mena, Meni, or Min and the Greeks called them the Maecians, who are said to be the founders of Yemen. Ethiopia and Yemen are known for having a long history together, and mixing. The Queen of Sheba was Ethiopian. That connection is what had some researchers claiming Yemen as the location of Punt, but it is unknown.

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