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Importance of African religion explained

Importance of African religion explained
Learning African religion is very important. It gives you insight into how early Africans delt with living in a much different environment. I have to say Africans very much so earned their right to that continent. Note that when most of the religions I listed started it was a totally different landscape then today. These people were still getting to learn about some of the wild animals in the area, that they had to co-exist with, and many of the animals of yesteryear, are extinct. When the Sahara formed it created many problems. Some say the Earths axis shift, caused more concentrated heat to the area, transforming fertile land into a desert. Theres many theories, but may I add, that most of the land around that area at the time was marsh like areas, due to the Polar Ice Caps melting. So Africans had to travel by papyrus boats half the time. This was a danger all in itself, because there was no telling what type of large snakes or crocodiles lurked in the waters.
So now this brings us into where the religion comes in. If you are dealing with all of this and trying to insure a whole tribe, wouldnt you need religion? I think of it like if you have a small child who is scared of the dark, and thinks its a monster out there ready to get them.The only thing that you have to tell them is to say a prayer and the monster wont get you. That went the same way for early religions. If they were in the jungle hunting some believed that God or their creator was right behind them watching over them. If they looked back then God would no longer protect them, and they take the risk of getting eaten by a large animal. If they heard of someone who went into the woods and had been eaten by an wild animal, they would tell the people, that they didnt obey Gods rules, and that was the reasoning for the mishaps happening.
Other religions had laws that were one in the same. For example, if you committed a crime, you owed the victim tribute, meaning you owed that person in the form of some type of annual offerings that had monetary value, until that person forgave you. If that person didnt forgive you then you would not have your creator's protection over you. Then the whole entire time that you are in the process of paying tribute, the Creator wouldnt watch over you. So if a tribe invaded another tribe and lost, it could really cost them. Plus they were in fear of their creator not watching over them and a natural disaster, or famine would hit. This system was carried well into the 1600's during the time of slavery. In my humble opinion, this was a key system that kept Africans for the most part at peace with each other. That and the fact that populations were lower at a certain point and time, and everyone new which tribe were their cousins.

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