Thursday, January 26, 2017

DNA proves Hannibal Barca was Black

Hannibal Barca was Black, and I come with evidence
Ok so lets break down this whole Hannibal Carthage deal. We know that early habitation in the North African region by hominids has been found stretching back one or two million years. When I say Hominid I mean Black Hominids AKA Homo Erectus. So they went from Homo Erectus which was 200,000 back to habitation in that part of Africa around 10,000bc. The last Ice Age was around 20,000bc. You had Garmatacians in the area, multiple Berber tribes. The Mende were scattered all over that area, and traveled that way through passage to Greece. Then a group called the Baufers were in that area.
In Phonecia they already had 2 prior migrations of Africans to that area. One was the first farmer group in The Nautufians and second were the Nubian migrants of Canaan. So the fact that Phonicia was Canaan and they migrated back into Africa, always blows my mind away to why they wouldn’t be black. Of course the people there are a whole another different race, and of course they want to make claim to Hannibal. The only problem is that you have to explain a 10,000 year history of Black people in that area.
Not only do we have all of this evidence, but the fact that they spoke African language, and had African religion is a dead giveaway. They also had their version of an Egyptian Ankh, that’s an Egyptian religious cross, if you didn’t know. (I have those images included) They also used Ethiopian symbols on coins. When they later migrated back to Africa. They mixed in Berber religion with their own Canaan/Phoenician religion . Berber religion is almost identical to Egyptian religion.
Last but not least, they have found fossils, and completed the same test that they conducted when determining if the Egyptians were a black race or not. They completed limb proportion test and skull measurments. If you don’t know, Negro skulls are longer than anyone else. We also have square jawlines that are always present. I also have the research that was completed as proof. Click on the link below for more details on the test that were completed to prove the ethnic background of Carthage.

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