Friday, January 6, 2017

Black history told from 7000bc-Present

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This book is the history of Africa showing its greatness beyond slavery and colonization. This is the history that they dont want you to know.
Egypts origins explained
How Egypt and Nubia formed explained
What modern group holds Egyptian DNA.
What boundaries caused civilization
What ancient houses and boats were used in that period.
What tribes were allies to ancient Egyptians.
What caused migration to West Africa.
and what prevented migration prior to that.
Language connections of African tribes, to Egyptians.
What caused all of the Kingdoms to fall.
What happened to all of the building structures in Africa, and where they are today.
How colonization and slavery changed Africa and the diaspora.
All this will be provided in a timeline setting and is the equivalent of 20 books in one. Its a real onestop shop for African knowledge.

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