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Inca Ethiopia and India connection

Inca Ethiopia and India connection

Ok so I earlier stated the connection of Ethiopia and India, well heres another piece to that. It is written that there was a city called Meru in Ethiopia, that preceded Egypt and Nubia. The Dravidians came from that city, and migrated to India. Well their Hindu King was named “Indra, King of Meru”.
Ok now lets go down to Peru. The Incas have a place called Gate of the Gods Stargate and Dimensional Doorway Carved in Solid Rock at Lake Titicaca, Peru

The native indians of the region had a legend that spoke of “a gateway to the lands of the Gods”, and in that legend, it was said that in times long past great heroes had gone to join their gods, and passed through the gate for a glorious new life of immortality, and on rare occasions those men returned for a short time with their gods to “inspect all the lands in the kingdom” through the gate.
one Incan priest of the Temple of the Seven Rays named Amaru Meru (Lord Meru, Aramu Muru) fled from his temple with a sacred golden disk known as “the key of the gods of the seven rays”, and hid in the mountains of Hayu Marca. He eventually came upon the doorway which was being watched by shamen priests. He showed them the key of the gods and a ritual was performed with the conclusion of a magical occurrence initiated by the golden disk which opened the portal, and according to the legend blue light did emanate from a tunnel inside. The priest Amaru Meru handed the golden disk to the shamen and then passed through the portal “never to be seen again”
Peruvian prophecy states that all the Americas were once united by a common spiritual tradition and leader, and that they will be again. We were anciently united as Amaru-ca or Ameru-ca, Ameri-ca, meaning the “Land of the Serpent”, during a time when the serpent was the universal symbol of mystical wisdom and spiritual power. One legend states that North and South America were named after a culture bearer known historically as Aramu Muru or A maru (serpent/wisdom) the “Serpent (wisdom master) Meru,” with connections to the mythical Mount Meru, abode of the Demi-Gods.

Tupac Shakur’s name was Tupac Amaru Shakur, and he was named after Inca revolutionary Tupac Amaru.

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