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Did slavery really come from Africa or is that a myth?

Did slavery really come from Africa or is that a myth?
Ok so lets break down African slavery. They say slavery started in Africa, but lets really make sense of that and think of it.
Slavery started after the start of civilization. Meaning before cities were built there was no use for slaves because you would just hunt your own food down, and eat it right away. They also just lived in Papyrus Huts mostly. So Africans as Homo Sapiens are only 194,000 years old and farming started around 10,000 bc, and major civilization started around 3000bc. So now we have to look at where African civilization was located along the Nile. The Nile was a key source to understanding why Africa didn’t have slaves till later on, while other civilizations did. The Nile flooded from around June-September during those times the field workers didn’t have work. So from June-September they built Pyramids and Temples, then after September they would return to harvest the fields. Ok so we have that, now lets look at another thing, what sense does it make to have slaves with that setup, then on top of that Egypt never even paid their workers. Egypt had a system where they paid their workers in in food. So they would harvest the fields, then bring back the food, then they would place the food on a scale, and it would have a certain value. They then would take that home to eat and the rest would be used to barter for homade goods and services among the citizens.
Ok so we have that, and you say well why does the bible say it was slaves. Well the bible is not a history book. There is no record nowhere of Egypt having slaves, and Egyptians kept record of everything. So you say well what about the Hebrews? Well theres not one mention of the Hebrews, theres only a story of Israelite Leopard immigrants, coming to Egypt and being fled out, to Syria where they were slaughtered .
Ok so now lets examine slavery that was happening in that time period, but at other parts of the world.
In Mesopotamia, they are said to have slaves as well. They had a The cuneiform symbol for slave, Ama-gi means freedom, and "manumission", "exemption from debts or obligations. Ruler Urukagina was the first to use the term, In the reforms of Urukagina around 2400 bc.
Now The Code of Hammurabi is a Babylonian law book that is the oldest record of slavery that I could find. It states
117. If any one fail to meet a claim for debt, and sell himself, his wife, his son, and daughter for money or give them away to forced labor: they shall work for three years in the house of the man who bought them, or the proprietor, and in the fourth year they shall be set free.
118. If he give a male or female slave away for forced labor, and the merchant sublease them, or sell them for money, no objection can be raised.
119. If any one fail to meet a claim for debt, and he sell the maid servant who has borne him children, for money, the money which the merchant has paid shall be repaid to him by the owner of the slave and she shall be freed.
Now I have slavery in Greece recorded around 700bc, which the start date might be actually earlier. Around 500bc Athenian Census records of Demetrius have Athens citizen population at 60,000. Its slave population was at an astounding 470,000.
Now lets go to Rome. Rome had chain gang type slavery, they had gladiators, and they had slave revolts. Spartacus was one of the famous slave revolts. This is the first time I see American type of slavery. Not debt repayment, prison sentencing, or prisoners of war, but straight brutal slavery.
So now we move on to the Moors, which were black and Arab. They only had house servants, and military slaves. They don’t have a record of brutal slavery, Slavery is an accepted part of life in Arabia during the time of Muhammad, in the 7th century, and the Qur'an offers no arguments against the practice. It states, particularly in relation to female slaves, that they must be well treated. In general that has been the case, compared with the barbaric treatment of slaves in some Christian communities.
So here we are all the way up to 700ad and now this brings us into Africa. Slavery was actually introduced by the Muslims. They would round up the slaves and have them serve in their armies in areas of Takrur, and Zawila . African tribes were converted to Islam and they waged holy wars against traditional African religious tribes or Pagan tribes as they called them. So basically Mali was used by the Islamic faith to wage war on surrounding tribes, that the Arasbs tricked into thinking they were unholy.
Then you have the Europeans form of gathering, which was raid the tribes once, then get them to make a treaty. The treaty consisted of the tribe paying an annual offering of slaves each year. So that forced the tribes to go out to other tribes and gather slaves for Europeans, or face violent penalties.
Now when European slavery started, The Kingdoms of Oyo, Dahomey and Asante were at war. One would win and the other would pay tribute to the other tribe. The Asante used slaves to clear the forest, then to mine gold. So that’s the exstent of African slavery.
So now lets take a look at African culture. In some African culture, if you commit a crime, then you are in debt to whom you committed the crime to. Or as they call it you would pay tribute to that person until they forgave you. Then after they had forgiven you, you could get back in good hands with your God or creator. This might be the 7 years of servitude everyone is talking about, because I have yet to find any records of that. This is not slavery, this is the church and state working together as a judicial system. This is a big difference from any type of slavery.
Ok now to wrap this up lets take a look at the full picture of what African slavery is and why it may have gotten a bad wrap in the first place.
Lets take a look at the Greeks again. They loved Egyptian and Ethiopian culture. They loved it so much that they have been documented to intensively study the 2 cultures and even go to the extent of placing Ethiopians in their mythology. Now the Greeks loved their culture so much that they invaded Egypt and placed their own citizens as Pharaohs. Now check this out. The oldest |Bible found was in Greek text, in the hands of the Greeks during their rule in Egypt. Yes that’s right the same Bible and the only book that paints Africans as enslavers was written by the invaders, Its called the sinaitic text. So how are we going to go off of the word of culture vulture invaders?
The question still remains, was Africa the originator of slavery? Or is that just a myth?

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